Most popular courses

There are different types of opportunities out there, which can put you on the right path, here are some ideas for you to bear in mind.

Deciding on what you think you like is not easy, I have put some courses here for you to check and see if any of these are the right choice for you.

These are short courses that will help to identify if this is the right thing for you and you can also make choices of what career is the suitable one.

They offer theory and practical training, you will receive a diploma on the course.

If you would like to have more information, do not hesitate to contact me.

marine biology

Marine Biology Diploma Course

The Marine Biology Diploma Course is specifically designed for those interested in working or volunteering in the many different areas of marine biology.


Marine Zoology Diploma Course

This Marine Zoology Diploma Course is perfect for anyone with an interest in marine life and is great preparation for anyone wishing to pursue a future career in marine zoology.


Marine Animal Rescue Diploma Course

The Marine Animal Rescue Diploma course was designed for anyone wanting to work with marine animals or are already involved in their rescue, rehabilitation, and care.


Marine Research Station Practical Placement

This is a 3 weeks practical placement where volunteers work in a marine research station that involves the local village boatmen conducting daily surveys, to better understand problems and help empower them to protect their own islands. This placement includes a PADI Open Water Course.



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Lover and enthusiast of all things nature and animal related. Professional Dolphin Trainer from the Caribbean. Adviser and mentor in the Marine Mammal field.

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