Investment Opportunity

We are pleased to present the Tourist Project “La Hispaniola Park” exclusive theme park that has no similar in the Dominican Republic.
Located in Juan Dolio-Guayacanes, area with special features that is projected as one of the most important tourist poles that have the country, with a rapid development in the hotel sector, rise apartments and condominiums he promises in the next three years to reach have a movement of 300,000 foreign tourists per year, and all domestic tourism which is housed in the houses and apartments is estimated at about 50,000 people annually.
The park fills the large gap that has always had Juan Dolio-Guayacanes, extra hotel activities for that great tourist population.
In our feasibility study this increase was not included, it was more conservative. Our areas of taxation of tourists, as expressed in detail in the study, are with other surrounding areas.
That is why “La Hispaniola Park” today has a secure future as a successful project.
The project design has been conceived using the most modern materials such facilities always adapting to the impact on the environment, complying to detail national and international standards for such installations.
We have specialized professionals in the field, with vast experience in the management of the species that have for display and interaction, as well as all manuals and bibliographies necessary for proper application thereof.
The total cost is around $ 14,000,000 US dollars when completed and put into operation. The current investment is set to $ 11,000,000 US dollars. The payback is estimated at five years after commissioning.
The runtime is scheduled in 18 months.
We have all the permissions set by the country’s laws and licenses.
We are ready to start. We are looking forward to your participation.


Published by viadolphin

Lover and enthusiast of all things nature and animal related. Professional Dolphin Trainer from the Caribbean. Adviser and mentor in the Marine Mammal field.

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