Management advice

If you are thinking of opening or starting to a new facility and you don’t know how to arrange the dolphinarium system, Viadolphin realises how this drains your time and resources, struggling to put everything together. We would like to help you, easing the pain offering you assistance at every stage.

We are offering you the unique opportunity to hire an experienced professional team, who together will help you achieve your goal.

We can provide you with a well informed and connected hard working team including trainers, veterinarians and dolphinarium management.

We can vet potential trainers for your facility, offering you the choices that will suit you.

Our team can also provide you with a training program in the theory and the practical knowledge, based upon positive reinforcement for animal management.

We can leave you with a team ready to manage the running and logistics of your interactive programs.

Your facility will benefit by having experienced trainers, more effective and efficient programs, where animals are happier and customers will see a healthier, happier environment. Ultimately this will result in a better organised, positive and profitable environment, which can attract those within the industry, potential customers and also demonstrate best practice to those who may oppose our industry.

Whether advice is just needed in one aspect, at a certain stage in development, or you need a bespoke tailored package helping with every stage from set up, finding the best trainers to proving training programmes and educational support, Viadolphin can help you.





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