The world is changing and our working environment too!

We at Via dolphin have utilised a way of improving our time management whilst taking a healthy drink, which is great for animal trainers and all active people working on your fast pace environment.

This drink gives you carbs for energy and high-quality protein for tissue repair, but the best thing is that it does can be prepared in minutes and can be taken to any place of work and can be consumed as easy as having a drink of water!

Carbohydrate: For your daily fuel

Protein: For your muscle and tissue repair

When and How to!!

  • On the way to work
  • You can take it while in meeting
  • Whilst working without a breaktime
  • in your shortest break


How to prepare your CARBO-PROTEIN DRINK!!

The night before your working day prepare in a regular bottle or in a shaker

Step 1.

Measure out using a kitchen scale or measuring scoop (provided in the powders), which also ensures you can manage your calorie in-take which in turn helps you to lose weight or gain muscle.

Step 2:

If you just prefer use any regular bottle use a whisk on a bowl for easier mixing of the two powders, you don’t need to waste time using a blender and less washing up.

Step 3.

If you are using a shaker, just put the measured Carbo Powder and Protein Powder in…and add water either straight away, or to keep cool in the sun, add water when you want to drink the drink, then just shake and drink!


You can find the Carbo Powder and Protein Powder on our shopping page.



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