Technical Dolphin Trainer Course

There is competition within animal training, especially dolphin training and whilst watching others may give you some idea, although it is common that trainers are not always willing to share their knowledge because of this competition. When I first began training the main trainer did not let me observe anything directly, I only had the chance when another trainer helped me and I trained dolphins from scratch, teaching them everything from the start. Later when I went to another facility, I saw other trainers hiding tactile signs, to prevent others being able to handle their dolphins as well. I decided to not only learn all the available techniques but also to study the history and origins of behaviour training including Operant Condition, so I could become the trainer I wished to be without anyone being able to hold me back.

Now with all my years of experience, I offer the most comprehensive and unique training course to you all, so that you too can become the trainer you want to be. Whether you already have some knowledge or you are seeking a career as a dolphin trainer, my course will give you the techniques and guidance to enable you to fulfil your potential.



  • Introduction to the trainer’s environment
  • Most common facilities operation
  • Training techniques
  • Animal Care
  • Handling a dolphin
  • Developing excellent trainer habits and skills
  • Introduction to behaviour and learning
  • Secret training strategies and techniques step by step
  • Behaviours training step by step

This course is based on the techniques of Positive Reinforcement!!


If you are interested in purchasing this course, please contact us:

Published by viadolphin

Lover and enthusiast of all things nature and animal related. Professional Dolphin Trainer from the Caribbean. Adviser and mentor in the Marine Mammal field.

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