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Marine Internships – Work With Dolphins in Zanzibar

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Zanzibar, off the coast of Tanzania, is a beautiful tropical island and tourist hot-spot due to its stunning beaches, turquoise waters and vibrant history. Ticking swimming with dolphins off the bucket list is also why many venture to this exotic paradise. Yet, prominent research shows the harmful effects of mismanaged interactions and this form of tourism on marine mammals. The answer is never simple – considering the local community’s reliance on this income – but, as part of this Marine Eco Tourism Internship abroad you will become part of a positive solution.

Throughout your placement, you’ll help to create responsible ecotourism practices, connecting a passion for nature, conservation and entrepreneurship with high calibre data collection for university-led research studies.


  • Work with tourism operators in the area to determine the impact of current practices on the marine biodiversity in the area and assess the long-term benefit of sustainable ecotourism
  • By boat, collect daily data on dolphins and other marine life, including the significant influence of tourism on their natural behavior
  • Build on local capacity by delivering collaborative workshops that encourage the community of tourism boat drivers to create more sustainable practices
  • Assist in delivering a change to tourism practices in the private sector, developing small enterprises and high-quality programs to ensure the longevity – and conservation – of the ocean’s natural resources
  • Attend monthly meetings with our research partners from the Institute of Marine Sciences (University of Dar es Salaam) to discuss project development, research studies and alignment
  • Live and work on one of the most stunning tropical islands in the world
  • Be immersed in the vibrant and colorful fishing villages of Jambiani and Kizimkazi
  • Be supported throughout by our team of 3 personal mentors, giving you context and tools to use throughout your future career


Self-Development – Independent Learning

Have you ever started to work in a Dolphinarium and seen others busy moving around doing different tasks and you don’t have any idea of what you should or could be doing?
How many times have wanted to learn or be given the opportunity to work hands on with the animals, but because of your lack experience you have been placed at the back of the line, waiting for your time to come?
When new staff start working in a Dolphinarium they must wait until management decides who they choose to work directly with the animals…and you could just be waiting and waiting.
What if I tell you, you can learn everything you need to know, even before you step into a Dolphinarium!
Imagine going straight in with the confidence and understanding, getting familiar with everything you need to know, including the training jargon trainers use to communicate with each other.
You don’t have to wait until someone teaches you the basics of what trainers are doing at any given time, or know what they need to do next.
Now you don’t have to wait or risk limited training you may access anywhere else.
With our self-educating courses, you can be a step ahead and be able to develop to your fullest potential.
You now can learn step by step what they may not teach you on the job or on the internet… the secrets, tricks and different techniques of marine mammal training.
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Open water sea lion interaction

When you love your job…take it to the highest level, when your animals trust in you, decide to work wherever you take them and give you a 100% back…that is a successful animal trainer.

That…is when you really feel proud of yourself and the work you have done!

Congratulations to the trainer Abel Reyes and his team

Well done!




Management advice

If you are thinking of opening or starting to a new facility and you don’t know how to arrange the dolphinarium system, Viadolphin realises how this drains your time and resources, struggling to put everything together. We would like to help you, easing the pain offering you assistance at every stage.

We are offering you the unique opportunity to hire an experienced professional team, who together will help you achieve your goal.

We can provide you with a well informed and connected hard working team including trainers, veterinarians and dolphinarium management.

We can vet potential trainers for your facility, offering you the choices that will suit you.

Our team can also provide you with a training program in the theory and the practical knowledge, based upon positive reinforcement for animal management.

We can leave you with a team ready to manage the running and logistics of your interactive programs.

Your facility will benefit by having experienced trainers, more effective and efficient programs, where animals are happier and customers will see a healthier, happier environment. Ultimately this will result in a better organised, positive and profitable environment, which can attract those within the industry, potential customers and also demonstrate best practice to those who may oppose our industry.

Whether advice is just needed in one aspect, at a certain stage in development, or you need a bespoke tailored package helping with every stage from set up, finding the best trainers to proving training programmes and educational support, Viadolphin can help you.





Investment Opportunity

We are pleased to present the Tourist Project “La Hispaniola Park” exclusive theme park that has no similar in the Dominican Republic.
Located in Juan Dolio-Guayacanes, area with special features that is projected as one of the most important tourist poles that have the country, with a rapid development in the hotel sector, rise apartments and condominiums he promises in the next three years to reach have a movement of 300,000 foreign tourists per year, and all domestic tourism which is housed in the houses and apartments is estimated at about 50,000 people annually.
The park fills the large gap that has always had Juan Dolio-Guayacanes, extra hotel activities for that great tourist population.
In our feasibility study this increase was not included, it was more conservative. Our areas of taxation of tourists, as expressed in detail in the study, are with other surrounding areas.
That is why “La Hispaniola Park” today has a secure future as a successful project.
The project design has been conceived using the most modern materials such facilities always adapting to the impact on the environment, complying to detail national and international standards for such installations.
We have specialized professionals in the field, with vast experience in the management of the species that have for display and interaction, as well as all manuals and bibliographies necessary for proper application thereof.
The total cost is around $ 14,000,000 US dollars when completed and put into operation. The current investment is set to $ 11,000,000 US dollars. The payback is estimated at five years after commissioning.
The runtime is scheduled in 18 months.
We have all the permissions set by the country’s laws and licenses.
We are ready to start. We are looking forward to your participation.


Free job Posting

Vacancies that arise in positions that are both paid or voluntary, intern, animal care, animal hospital experience, assistant trainer, senior trainer, supervisor trainer or related to the marine mammal field can be advertised through our website.

Any enquiries will be dealt with confidence and no charge is applicable.

Need trainers for your facility?

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Most popular courses

There are different types of opportunities out there, which can put you on the right path, here are some ideas for you to bear in mind.

Deciding on what you think you like is not easy, I have put some courses here for you to check and see if any of these are the right choice for you.

These are short courses that will help to identify if this is the right thing for you and you can also make choices of what career is the suitable one.

They offer theory and practical training, you will receive a diploma on the course.

If you would like to have more information, do not hesitate to contact me.

marine biology

Marine Biology Diploma Course

The Marine Biology Diploma Course is specifically designed for those interested in working or volunteering in the many different areas of marine biology.


Marine Zoology Diploma Course

This Marine Zoology Diploma Course is perfect for anyone with an interest in marine life and is great preparation for anyone wishing to pursue a future career in marine zoology.


Marine Animal Rescue Diploma Course

The Marine Animal Rescue Diploma course was designed for anyone wanting to work with marine animals or are already involved in their rescue, rehabilitation, and care.


Marine Research Station Practical Placement

This is a 3 weeks practical placement where volunteers work in a marine research station that involves the local village boatmen conducting daily surveys, to better understand problems and help empower them to protect their own islands. This placement includes a PADI Open Water Course.