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Bottle Nose Dolphin Adopts Whale Calf of Another Species

From a small inflatable boat in the Rangiroa atoll in French Polynesia, Pamela Carzon got her first glimpse of the “strange” trio of marine mammals she’d been told about: a bottlenose dolphin mother (Tursiops truncatus), her seven-month-old calf, and another young cetacean that was slightly smaller and looked to be not a bottlenose dolphin at all, butContinue reading “Bottle Nose Dolphin Adopts Whale Calf of Another Species”

Like humans, beluga whales form social networks beyond family ties

Beluga whales Study first to uncover the role kinship plays in complex groupings and relationships of beluga whales spanning 10 locations across the Arctic A groundbreaking study using molecular genetic techniques and field studies brings together decades of research into the complex relationships among beluga whales (Delphinapterus leucas) that spans 10 locations across the ArcticContinue reading “Like humans, beluga whales form social networks beyond family ties”