The Dolphin Trainer Course is unique, never before has a course been created that explains positive reinforcement (Operant Condition), which has step by step instructions, over 20 tutorial videos on behaviour training techniques and tips. This is suitable for animal trainers wishing to further their knowledge/career, whatever their level. This course and its techniques can be used in training any animal, since positive reinforcement is the fastest, most humane and effective way of training anyone!

Seal Lion Course

Our sister page is offering a special marine mammal course for you

KingLobo/Abel Reyes

How to train a sea lion/Cómo entrenar a un león marino

With more than 30 years of experience our specialist share his great innovative work with those wiling to become a great sea lion trainer.


Con más de 30 años de experiencia, nuestro especialista comparte su gran trabajo innovador con aquellos que desean convertirse en un gran Entrenador de Leones Marino

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