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Are you building a new facility and need expertise help to guide you through the process?

Dolphinarium Operation From A to Z

Dolphinarium Operation

To anyone wishing to open a Dolphinarium, there are key stages that require expert advice and input from a marine mammal specialist in order to succeed. Via Dolphin Consultancy offers help and expert advice, formed over extensive years of experience, setting up and creating new facilities.

Via Dolphin Consultancy supports new ventures in the following key areas;

  • Animal acquisition, liaison and negotiation
  • Transportation
  • Logistics and Operations
  • Interaction program creation and coordination
  • Staff Hiring
  • Staff training and animal training

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My passion for dolphins was re-born and enriched by the most amazing and intelligent animal I have ever trained; our connection and understanding was unique and proved the level of love that is possible to experience between animal and trainer, her name is Misty…