Best practice for Dolphins diet in Dolphinariums

How to provide the best quality diet in your Dolphinarium. A trainers’ daily priority and first task…nutrition. In most facilities when staring a working day, a trainers first task is to prepare their animal’s diet. Making sure their food is defrosted and ready to eat is their first step, which is not too different toContinue reading “Best practice for Dolphins diet in Dolphinariums”

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Discover why the “theory” and not “hands-on” training is the first step to becoming a successful dolphin trainer

In most Dolphinariums, when you first start working, you do not handle an animal until you have acquired certain training techniques in theory. To touch an animal, before you have acquired this knowledge, could be counter-productive to your development as a trainer. When stating a job as a trainer, companies should give you the time,Continue reading “Discover why the “theory” and not “hands-on” training is the first step to becoming a successful dolphin trainer”